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Annual Physical

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Annual physicals are an integral part of preventive care, as they help identify any new health conditions and monitor ongoing concerns. An annual physical with an expert provider at Pinnacle Health Group will ensure you’re in good health and help you stay that way in the future. To schedule your annual physical, call the Tampa, Florida, office or make an appointment online today.

Annual Physical Q & A

Why do I need a physical every year?

An annual physical is an essential aspect of preventive medical care. A physical examination at Pinnacle Health Group allows your provider to assess your current health, track ongoing medical issues, and identify any new conditions or concerns.

Early detection provides the opportunity to address conditions in their initial stages when treatment outcomes have the best chance of being successful. Your annual checkup is also a time to update immunizations and discuss your overall health and wellness with your provider.

What is involved in a physical exam?

Your Pinnacle Health Group provider will perform a comprehensive physical exam, and together you’ll discuss your medical and family history, as well as any current symptoms or concerns.  

When your physical begins, a member of the Pinnacle Health Group team will measure your weight and height, and take your temperature, your blood pressure, and your pulse. Then your doctor will use a stethoscope or otoscope, as well as palpating your body with their hands, in order to assess the following:

  • Lungs
  • Heart
  • Head and neck, including lymph nodes
  • Abdomen and digestive tract
  • Reflexes and nervous system
  • Circulation to your extremities

Typically, an annual physical includes bloodwork to check cholesterol, blood sugar, inflammatory markers, blood health, and identify any vitamin or nutrient deficiencies. Depending on your age, your overall health, and your medical history, your provider might recommend additional bloodwork, a urine test, or other diagnostics.

How should I prepare for my annual physical?

Your annual physical is your opportunity to address questions and concerns with your provider. It can be helpful to write down your questions ahead of time. If this is your first physical at Pinnacle Health Group, you may wish to bring the following to your appointment:

  • List of current medications, including dosage information
  • Recent test results
  • Medical history, including dates of surgeries or significant illnesses
  • Names and contact information of previous providers

Your health matters and preventive medical care, including an annual physical, is essential to maintaining wellness now and for the future. To learn more, call Pinnacle Health Group today, or schedule an appointment online.

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